Semi-Final Comics Announced

After two weeks of solid comedy, how could this get any better?

A week with the Top 10 Comics of the Comedy Competition, thats how.

And we have results.

The Top Ten Comics of the Competition are:

(in no particular order)

Drew BarthDrew BarthBrad BrakeBrad BrakeBilly Wayne DavisBilly Wayne DavisMatt DavisMatt Davis
AJ FinneyAJ FinneyDax JordanDax JordanJoe ListJoe ListEddie PenceEddie Pence
Auggie SmithAuggie SmithKortney Shane WilliamsKortney Shane Williams  

We will post further results from Belling 'nam later. We just figured you'd want to know.

Join us at The Comedy Underground on Tuesday, November 16 for a really great show.