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Semi Finals Night 3 - Sold Out!

As always, it was an amazing,show at the Skagit Casino. There were 450 people in attendence that came to see comedy. In fact, they like comedy so much the show was sold out a month in advance!

But good news for those of you in Northwest Washington State - this same show will be coming to the World-Famous Fairhaven Pub and Martini Bar in Bellingham on Sunday 11/12. Only $10! Go ahead - live a little!

We announced the scores a few minutes ago and through the magic of a wireless network at the Skagit, we are able to announce results:

The top five for the night are:

1 Tyler Boeh
2 Dylan Mandlsohn
3 Geoff Brousseau
4 Rory Scovel
5 Paul Myrehaug

So far every comic and every show has been funny, tight and a pleasure to witness. Join us in Rochester tomorrow night for another really great show! Check the schedule and come see a show!