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O Canada! Damonde Tschritter Wins!

"Cinderella Man" in action.
Photo by Peter Greyy
A Canadian has finally won the Seattle Comedy Competition. For years there was a rumor that this contest was fixed against Canadians, but Damonde Tschritter managed to scotch that rumor and restore the luster of our reputation in the Great White North.

Speaking of the Great White North - tonight, a cold front came down from British Columbia, bringing with it a rare snow storm to Seattle. From Production Staff member Wally Glenn: "At first I thought it was a freak of weather, but just before I left for the Comedy Underground and scraped snow off my car, I realized that this was no ordinary cold front, it was the ghost of Kerry Talmage coming to take the crown to Canada!"

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2 Wins for Boeh - It All Comes Down to Tonight


Okay, here's what happened on Saturday November 25: Two shows - a matinee at the Historic Everett Theatre and a night show at the Admiral Theatre in Bremerton.
Both won by Tyler Boeh. But Damonde Tschritter also has 2 first-place finishes.
Listerally hundreths of a point separate all the competitors.

So now it all comes down to tonight at the Comedy Underground. Be there.

Historic Everett Theatre
1 Tyler Boeh
2 Rory Scovel
3 Dylan Mandlsohn
4 Damonde Tschritter
5 Paul Myrehaug

1 Tyler Boeh
2 Paul Myrehaug
3 Dylan Mandlsohn
4 Damonde Tschritter
5 Rory Scovel

Finals Night 2 - Comedy On Damonde

Photo by Peter Greyy

Our only regret is that we didn't have a film crew at this show. Or a second show. Literally hundreds of people turned away. Let's do this one every night. Forever.

This show is the first of a 3-show comedy season at the Kirkland Performance Center- followed by New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day.

If you couldn't get it, you can join us today at 2 at the Historic Everett Theatre. Or help us welcome in 2007 (can't get rid of 2006 soon enough, myself). Except for this competition, of course. I wish it would never end.

Anyway, Damonde "Long Form" Tschritter most pleased the very diverse group of judges, who included a 20-something sketch comedian, a former editorial cartoonist turned politician, and an ex-Tibetan monk, among others.

But this is such a strong, evenly-matched field (of funny skinny white guys), if you'd have asked the audience, you most likely would have gotten five different answers.

Finals Night 1 - The Island Experience

Rory Scovel, Damonde Tschritter, Paul Myrehaug, Alex Borstein, Dylan Mandlsohn the Top of Brad Upton's Head, Tyler Boeh
Photo by Peter Greyy

Me? I get out of the car in the huge ferry line, run to the minimart, drop my Blackberry in a puddle, then run, literally, 3/4 of a mile to try to catch up with my ride. As my $#@*-year-old knees start to throb, I realize that Peter has already boarded the ferry, and it is pulling away.

Fortunately, I see the always-pleasant Damonde Tschritter and Paul Myrehaug, who kindly offer me transportation. We catch the next ferry. Phone is not happy. Nor is Paul happy, as his Canadian prairie body does not relate well to the boat experience.

I relate this to the audience during my "curtain talk." They laugh. "Welcome to Vashon!" they shout.

And welcome us they did. The Vashon Theatre is a 50's-era movie theater, still showing movies and the occasional live show, and is being lovingly restored by owners Eileen and Gordon. It was 3/4 full with Islanders: 35+, highly educated, financially comfortable. Pretty PC, too, at least until after intermission when the Cote du Rhone kicked in.

And helping to judge is actor/comedian Alex Borstein of MADTV, who also plays "Lois" on "Family Guy". Yeah - Lois was a judge. Bonus celebrity sighting: her husband, actor Jackson Douglas of "Gilmore Girls."

A great way to kick off the finals. And Mr. Blackberry dried out and is apparently working.
Happy Thanksgiving.

For the night: 1. Damonde 2. Paul 3. Dylan 4. Tyler 5. Rory

Finals Ticket Update

If you would like to attend the finals of the 27th Annual Seattle International Stand-Up Comedy Competition, here is the ticket update:

Friday Nov. 24 - Kirkland Performance Center, Kirkland WA
A few tickets may still be available for this performance, but cannot be purchased online. Please call the box office at 425-893-9900 for tickets or more information.

Saturday Nov. 25 - MATINEE - 2 PM! - Historic Everett Theatre - tickets available
Tickets are $15 and available through or at the door. This show is all-ages, but may contain adult language and content.

Satuday Nov. 25 - Admiral Theatre, Bremerton - some tickets available
Call the box office at: (360) 373-6743

Sunday Nov. 26 - "FINAL-FINALS" - The Comedy Underground, Seattle - tickets available
BUY TICKETS NOW TicketWeb or in person at the club

Fairhaven Pub Semi-Finals Night 6


The results from the night 6 of the Semi-Finals at the Fairhaven are in, and the finalists have been selected!

First off, we'd really like to thank the Fairhaven for being such a great venue for the entire run of this event. It was very nice of them to host both rounds of the Preliminaries and the semi-finals. The shows were really solid every night and everyone has had a really good time. Including, we assume, the sell-out crowd.

But what you really want to see is the top five!

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Semi Finals Night 5 - A Prairie Bitch & a Wildcat

Photo by Peter Greyy
(L-R Dylan Mandlsohn, Jeff Dye, Natalie Gray, Allison Arngrim, Paul Myrehaug's Herve Villechaise impression, Kermet Apio, Tyler Boe)
OK, OK, don't get up in arms about the header. Here's the explanation: At many of the venues we visit, we offer the hosts the opportunity to select the judges. This was the case at Central Washington University. Their choices: The Vice-President of the student government; a professor of Health Sciences; and - here's where it gets interesting - school mascot Wellington Wildcat in full costume; and actress/comedian Allison Arngrim. Yes, Nellie Olson from "Little House on the Prairie." She was in town, having performed her one-woman show "Memoirs of a Prairie Bitch" the night before, and not only consented to judge but even got up and did the "stall set" at the end of the show while we tabulated the scores.

Wellington didn't offer.

Interestingly, only Geoff Brousseau even acknowledged his existence, tossing out the borscht-belt-ish "nice of you to dress up for the show, sir" as a throwaway non-sequitur early in his set.

Everybody else treated Wellington's presence as an everyday occurence. Which, I suppose, it is at CWU.

Glad we weren't at the University of South Carolina (sports fans, write your own joke here).

Semi Finals Night 4 - Nothing Wrong with Being a Sellout!

The "Top 6"

Fourth sold out show in a row - and this one had 800 people at it!

If you've never experienced this many people laughing and cheering, it's quite amazing. Once again, the Lucky Eagle Casino was a gracious host, and promoter Mike Wally Walter made sure everything ran smoothly.

Tie 1 Geoff Brousseau
Tie 1 Dylan Mandlsohn
2 Tyler Boeh
3 Jeff Dye
4 Rory Scovel
5 Debbie Wooten

Semi Finals Night 3 - Sold Out!

As always, it was an amazing,show at the Skagit Casino. There were 450 people in attendence that came to see comedy. In fact, they like comedy so much the show was sold out a month in advance!

But good news for those of you in Northwest Washington State - this same show will be coming to the World-Famous Fairhaven Pub and Martini Bar in Bellingham on Sunday 11/12. Only $10! Go ahead - live a little!

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Semi Finals Night 2 - Another Canadian Leads the Pack

This was out 3rd show at the Liberty Theater - we did the Wednesday of each of the preliminary rounds and the Semi-Final. The marketing strategy behind this is that it will build up to a really big crowd for the 3rd show.
Sold out.
Dylan Mandlsohn got the closest thing to a legitimate rock-star style encore I think I've seen for a 10-minute set. The audience literally would not stop applauding and cheering. Host Kermet Apio ad-libbed that they had given Dylan TWO encore points, which of course made them cheer even louder. Wow.

Tyler Boeh, in the final spot, also rocked the full house, and finished 2nd for the evening. Rory Scovel was 3rd, so Dylan was the only Canadian on the medal stand. But countryman Damonde Tshritter placed 4th, and young Jeff Dye, performing in front of his parents who drove down all the way from Kent, was 5th.

Big casino shows the next two nights - and you know what that means. . .buffets!

Semis Night 1 - The Maple Leaf Forever

Left to Right: Kermet Apio (host), Paul Myrehaug (2nd), Dylan Mandlsohn (3rd), Damonde Tschritter (1st), Geoff Brousseau (US - 4th), Rory Scovel (US - 5th).

No Canadian has ever won the Seattle Comedy Competition although several have come close, prompting a rumor (or rumour) up north that the fix is in.

This might be the year that all changes, as 3 Canadians were "on the podium" at the end of the night.

Note to would-be promoters: There is nothing like a freakin' HUGE feature article in the local paper to fill a room. Yeah, baby. Jazzbones. Sold out. Rockin'.

Thank you Craig Sailor and Bill Hutchens. And Nick Anthony, if you're reading this, there's an great photo of you in 11/14 News Tribune.

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