Kirkland Performance Center

Night Two of the Finals of the 31st Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition brought us back to the beautiful Kirkland Performance Center--always a great place to play and a great audience to play for...

Beyond it being absolutely awesome, there's really not much to report.

Kirkland Top 5

L-R: Eddie Pence (5th), Drew Barth (4th), Dax Jordan (3rd), Dwight Slade (Host), Billy Wayne Davis (2nd), Auggie Smith (1st)

Once again, we had a former finalist as a host--this time, we were honored by the presence of Dwight Slade, who did an awesome job.

Once again, every finalist had strong sets--the audience gave everyone overwhelming "encore point" cheers.

Once again, the order of finish was the same as it was for Night One on Vashon--Auggie Smith leading the way with top honors, Billy Wayne Davis and Dax Jordan close behind, Drew Barth and Eddie Pence right there, too.

Top Five:

  1. Auggie Smith (Portland, OR)
  2. Billy Wayne Davis (Seattle, WA)
  3. Dax Jordan (Portland, OR)
  4. Drew Barth (Seattle, WA)
  5. Eddie Pence (Los Angeles, CA)

Two more shows remain: Saturday night at the Admiral Theater in Bremerton, Sunday at The Moore Theater, Seattle... Two more shows to get good scores. Two more shows to claim the right to be this year's champion.