Final Night - Moore Theatre

Going into the final night of the final week of the 31st Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition, what some had thought was a solid lock was suddenly up for grabs. The minute that people had found out that Auggie Smith was doing the Seattle International Comedy Competition, people felt that a strong touring headliner hailing from this region of the country would be the prohibitive favorite. When Auggie went ahead and won this year's San Francisco Comedy Competition, that belief was solidified. When Auggie went ahead and took top honors for the first two nights of the Finals Week, it seemed to confirm what a lot of people had believed--that this was Auggie's year to do the win both the San Francisco Comedy Competition and the Seattle International Comedy Competition in the same year.

No one had EVER done that.

And it seemed to be happening...right up to the moment that the scores were announced for the Bremerton show. That upset the applecart, the predictions and proved that the best laid schemes of mice and Auggie gang aft agley.

Suddenly, Billy Wayne Davis--who, like Auggie, had breezed through his Preliminary Week...and then went on to dominate the Semi-Finals Week, was suddenly only a two tenths of a point behind Auggie. Just as suddenly, after winning the night in Bremerton, Dax Jordan, who had struggled a little in the middle of the Semi-Finals week before claiming his spot in the Finals, was only a quarter of a point behind Auggie. Suddenly, it came down to...who would win the night at The Moore on the final night of finals. If Auggie, Billy Wayne or Dax won the night--they'd likely win the entire competition...and if either Eddie Pence or Drew Barth won, a spanner would definitely be tossed into the works...and all sorts of mayhem could have ensued.

After host, and previous San Francisco Comedy Competition champion, warmed up a seasonably chilled out Moore Theatre...Drew Barth took the bullet and delivered the kind of smart, quality comedy performance that earned him his spot in the Finals. Eddie Pence followed with another consistently winning performance that took full advantage of The Moore's stage. Third to take the stage was Dax Jordan, who seemed totally in his element--producing what may have been his strongest set of the entire competition just when he needed it. After an intermission, it was Auggie's time to prove that all of the pre-competition predictions and expectations were justified--and Auggie did not disappoint, delivering yet another professional and compelling performance. The whole show wrapped up with Billy Wayne Davis, who held that theater audience in his hands and made his strongest bid for being worthy of turning Auggie Smith into the 2007 New England Patriots.

Over 400 people applied to be in this year's Seattle International Comedy Competition, 32 were chosen to compete, 22 shows were held over 26 days up and down Western Washington...and it all came down to the opinions of five judges on the very last night of the event.

And they liked Eddie Pence. They liked Drew Barth. They really liked Dax Jordan. They especially liked Billy Wayne Davis.

But...they LOVED Auggie Smith.

And with that, he becomes the Champion of the 31st Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition...and the first person to ever win both the Seattle and San Francisco Comedy Competitions in the same year.

The order of finish on the final night of the finals was also the order of finish for the week.

The Final Top Five:

  1. Auggie Smith (Portland, OR)
  2. Billy Wayne Davis (Seattle, WA)
  3. Dax Jordan (Portland, OR)
  4. Eddie Pence (Los Angeles, CA)
  5. Drew Barth (Seattle, WA)

Congratulations to Auggie Smith...and all of our finalists, semi-finalists and participants in what turned out to be a wild, wonderful year.

And now, we rest...

Until we begin taking applications for the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition in June 2011.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Greyy--Director of Talent, Seattle International Comedy Competition
on behalf of
Ron Reid--Producer of the Seattle International Comedy Competition (for the last 17 years!)
Jonathon Fox--Executive Producer of the Seattle International Comedy Competition (and San Francisco Comedy Competition)

and Wally Glenn -- behind the scenes since 1994