Sean Ottey

Sean Ottey

Seattle, WA

Straight outta the suburbs of Seattle, living in the Los Angeles Comedy Warzone, driving fast and aging fast, raising kids and raising hell, Sean Ottey takes you on a trip which includes everything from PTA to GHB, Jack Daniels to McDonalds Playlands, from dark bars to monkey bars.

Half rock and roll, half crazed dad and half semi-alcoholic, the Comedy Dad Of Metal will remind you why you wish you were young, and show you why you’re really glad you aren’t….

Sean can be heard on XM Radio, as well as other terrestrial stations across the country. He is the 2008 Hawks Prairie Comedy Competition Winner and was in the Rocky Mountain Laugh Off Competition in Utah and Wyoming. He just returned from a USO tour of the South Pacific, touring the Marshall Islands, Guam and Hawaii spreading laughs to the faces on bases

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