Seattle International Comedy Competition

Week 2 Night 2 - Stiffy's. No, seriously.

Yes, that's the name of the place. A cool little (60 seats) small-town bar with a nice little corner stage, good sound & lights, and a heavy pour. Good food. There does not seem to be an actual "Stiffy" behind Stiffy's, as the owners are Keith and Holly.

40-foot luxury trailer, courtesy of the rooms's comedy booker Morgan Preston, which we used as a green room. Lars Cailliou's hostess sent some snack trays, and anonymous padrones provided Crown and Rolling Rock.

Great audience. Heneghen hosted.

Here's what happened:

Night Two Top 5 (Stiffy's): Seth Perry (2nd), Spencer King (3rd), Todd Johnson (1st), Tommy Savitt (4th) and Susan Jones (5th).
(Note--the pizza that they're eating is the work of our sponsors: Pagliacci's Pizza! Mmmmmm...they can't stop eating it even to take a picture, it's sooooooo good!)

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