Seattle International Comedy Competition

Semi-Finals Night 4 - Skagit Casino Resort

In booking venues for the Competition, we try to provide the comedians with a wide variet of experiences and audiences. Our smallest was a great little bar in Hoquiam, Washington, which held maybe 60 people. Our biggest audience of the tour so far was the Columbia Theater for the Arts in Longview, where we entertained somewhere in the neighborhood of 800. I think Saturday's show at the Lucky Eagle will be in that area, or maybe even 900.
But one of our favorites is always the Pacific Showroom at the Skagit. 450 seats, always sold out, professional stage crew, great dressing rooms and backstage hospitality. It feels like the "real thing."
Tonight's bonus - Kevin and the tech crew provided a computerized light show in all the Encore Point applause breaks. Mah-velous.
Oh, yeah, here are the rankings for the night:

L-R: Tommy Savitt (5th), Murv Seymour (4th), Todd Johnson (1st), Justin Rupple (3rd), Cain Lopez (host), Nate Jackson (2nd)

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