Seattle International Comedy Competition

Night 6: Comedy Underground Seattle - meet the SemiFinalists!

A great audience, and a amazing full house on a Monday night. It's been an absolutely wonderful week of comedy and a fine finish. Thanks to 2006 winner Damonde Tschritter for hosting all week, and to 2002 winner Drake Witham for entertaining the crowd as the scores were tallied. Here's how the judges saw it for tonight:

1) Tyler Hawkins
2) Nate Jackson
3) Richard Bain
4) Justin Rupple
5) Will Weldon

Portlander Richard Bain made a strong run the last few days, and was particularly hot at the two shows at the Comedy Underground, but it wasn't enough, as Tyler Hawkins and Justin Rupple also brought their A-game to join the consistent Nate Jackson, Kortney Shane Williams, and Murv Seymour in the semi-finals, starting Tuesday Nov. 18 at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.

In order of finish for the week, and winning a minimum of $500 are:
1) Nate Jackson
2) Tyler Hawkins
3) Kortney Shane Williams
4) Justin Rupple
5) Murv Seymour

They will be joined by a second five to be determined this week.Week 2 kicks off tonight, Tuesday Nov 11, at the Comedy Underground in Seattle and continues for a total of 6 shows.
Tue Nov 11 Comedy Underground Seattle 8 PM
Wed Nov 12 Stiffy's, Hoquiam (no, seriously) 8 PM
Thurs Nov 13 Laughs Comedy Spot, Kirkland 8:30 PM
Fri Nov 14 Intiman Theatre, Seattle Center - Pagliacci Pizza Lovers/Mountain appreciation night with "7:20 Funny" guy Marty Riemer 8 PM
Sat Nov 15 Columbia Theater for the Performing Arts, Longview 7:30 PM
Sun Nov 16 Fairhaven Pub & Martini Bar, Bellingham 8 PM


L-R: Tyler Hawkins (2nd), Justin Rupple (4th), Nate Jackson (1st), Murv Seymour (5th), Kortney Shane Williams (3rd), Damonde Tschritter (host)

If you would like to see more 1st week photos, check out Peter Greyy's flickr page at

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