Seattle International Comedy Competition

Rich Ornelas

Rich Ornelas

Los Angeles, California

Young, quick, witty, and most of all versatile, 22-year-old Rich Ornelas can do it all and do it well. A writer, a musician, a director, and a comedian, Rich uses all of his talents to create new ways to get his point across to his audiences, whether it be his standup comedy act or one of his web TV shows.

During his three year start as a standup comedian, Rich has already won over audiences at the Improv’s in California as well as the Comedy Store and the World Famous Laugh Factory. Divine wit mixed with a strong social consciousness has allowed Rich to draw in young audiences and made him a spokesperson for a generation that is tired of having to plan for retirement at the age of 16. His goal in comedy is to help his audience forget about 401k’s and bring back their unrelenting need to have a good time. “What’s my plan for retirement? I’ll do what I love to do and then I’ll never have to retire.”

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