Seattle International Comedy Competition

Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon

Calgary, Alberta

Chris' Has a Personal Saga. True

Chris grew up in the mean white
suburban streets of an upper-middle
class neighborhood. True

Chris is now a single mother. True

Chris Gordon can play the spoons. False

Chris Gordon can(‘t) time travel. True

Chris has appeared on BET’s
“Everybody Loves Damon…Wayans!” True

Chris has appeared in: Just For Laughs
Festival in Montreal; Last Comic
Standing; CBC, XM, Sirius Sattelite
Radio; Coors Light Commercial; and
his own TV Show “Man On A Mission.” Stop it.

If Tony Danza would finally accept
an invitation to one of Chris' shows,
I'm sure he would approve and say,
"Chris Gordon is one of the funniest
characters since I played Anthony
Morton 'Tony' Micelli on Who's the
Boss...I'm Hilarious." True Talse

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