SICC-32: Two Connect on Night Four to Make Five Into Six

When the Comedy Underground in Tacoma (the sister club to the home club of the Seattle International Comedy Competition–the Comedy Underground in Seattle) is busy–it can be one heck of a place to perform comedy in.  The audience is all packed together, right in front of a small stage–forging a connection between audience and performer that is hard to duplicate anywhere else.

Well, on Night Four of Preliminary Week One of the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition, the Comedy Underground in Tacoma was packed!  Even our welcome guests were forced into becoming standing-room-only observers of the show (and we appreciate their understanding!)  What better way to challenge our sixteen comedians than with a packed comedy club on a Saturday night?

Taking on that challenge were our sixteen comedians–some of whom have tasted the sweet flavor making a Nightly Top 5–and some who, despite being very funny and putting together good sets so far this week, have yet to do so.  Two of those who hadn’t yet made a Nightly Top 5 for this week were Portland’s Ian Karmel and Patrick Keane from Los Angeles.  They’ve been funny and they’ve been getting good scores–just not good enough to get them in the end-of-the-night photograph.

On this night, many comedians had very good sets.  Two Seattle comedians added their best scores (for their best received sets) so far this week:  Douglas Gale and Rodney Sherwood.  Rhiannon Archer from Toronto also added her highest score of the week with her efforts in Tacoma.  David Tveite and Manny Martin also won the audience over with their efforts last night as well.

When the scores were all added up, we saw some familiar faces in the Top 5…but two brand-new faces managed to TIE for top honors of the night…and now neither Ian Karmel nor Patrick Keane can say that they haven’t made a Nightly Top 5.

With the two of them tying for first place, our Top 5 became a Top 6…and here’s a look at that Top 6 from Night Four at the Comedy Underground in Tacoma:

  1. TIE:  Ian Karmel (Portland)
  1. TIE:  Patrick Keane (Los Angeles)
  2. John Beuhler (Vancouver)
  3. Rodney Sherwood (Seattle)
  4. Mark Normand (New York)
  5. Sam Demaris (Houston)

Next up, we travel North…to a brand new venue–both for the competition and for Bellingham–The Underground Nightclub.  I hope we get a good comedy crowd for this Sunday night show, because the weekly scores are incredibly close and every comedian will be giving their best to stake their claim on one of the five spots in the Semi-Finals.

So, Bellingham tonight, Sunday November 6th…(and this week ends its run at the Comedy Underground, Seattle on Monday November 7th!  Better buy your tickets for one of those two shows or you’re going to miss an excellent opportunity to see sixteen excellent comedians in action.)

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