1994 Winner Tom Cotter Runner-Up on NBC’s America’s Got Talent

Comedian Tom Cotter, who led a delegation of Boston-based comics to the Seattle Comedy Competition in 1994 and and went on to win, was named runner-up on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. He’s been all over TV, you may have caught him on “The Today Show” and other NBC broadcasts. We are totally proud of Tom. You might say we discovered him. At least we like to think so.

Here’s what Amy Reiter of the LA Times had to say:”I won’t pretend not to be disappointed that Tom Cotter, the comedian who claimed second place, didn’t take the win. In the finale, riffing alongside Joan Rivers, he proved himself far funnier than the veteran comedienne as he roasted the judges. His jokes were less cutting, but no less sharp — perfectly calibrated, as they’d been, with remarkable consistency, throughout the competition. Even after it was revealed Cotter hadn’t won the big prize ($1 million and a chance to headline a Las Vegas show, in case you’d forgotten), when others might have wept, he found a way to make us laugh, saying he planned to fall down the stairs and get his own million dollars. See? Funny. Of course, Cotter won’t have to take drastic measures to turn his time on the show into a win. I’m sure his agent is already fielding lots of calls”.

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