SICC: Initiative To Keep Bringing Comedy to the State Capitol…SUCCESFUL

Through the gridlock that is I-5 during evening rush hour, comedians from across North America came to Olympia, Washington for Night Three of the Semi-Finals of the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition.  Their agenda was to build on the groundwork laid down by last year’s competitors (overheard in the lobby, before this show, was someone talking about last year’s event as “it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”) and, at the same time, they wanted the judges to give them good scores so they’ll be in better position to grab one of the spots in the Finals of this event.

On this night, the first performer of the night and the last performer of the night both made the Nightly Top 5.  So, from top to bottom, I think our brave competitors managed to achieve their goals.  The good people of Olympia who came to the Washington Center for the Performing Arts were well entertained and our judges were quite impressed.  

None were they more impressed by than Ricarlo Flanagan, who received a partial standing ovation at the close of his set.  (OK, it was only two young ladies at the very front of the room who stood up–but I’m not letting silly details like that get in the way of giving Ricarlo his props for a “partial standing ovation”.)

Joe Klocek made his first Nightly Top 5 of the Semi-Finals with a strong third pace finish on this night.

Also performing well, but just missing the podium on this night were Justin Leon and Tyrone Hawkins.

Semi-Finals Week-Night Three Nightly Top 5

  1. Ricarlo Flanagan (Detroit, MI) 
  2. Landry (Atlanta, GA/Toronto, ON)
  3. Joe Klocek (San Francisco, CA)
  4. Michael Malone (Los Angeles, CA)
  5. Elliot Maxx (Ballard, WA)

Scores for everyone this week are very close…and there are only two more shows this week for everyone to either shore-up their spots in the Weekly Top 5 or to grab big scores to clear a spot for themselves near the top.

We head north now…to a sold out Friday Night show at the Pacific Showroom of the Skagit Valley Casino in Bow.  Over 600 comedy fans will be in attendance to see this amazing group of performers give it their all.

And that show takes place at the Snoqualmie Casino.  I believe tickets are still available for that show, and you don’t want to miss your chance to see these comics in action before we narrow the field down to five for next week’s finals.

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