SICC-34: Finals Week-Night Two Results

(L-R: Brad Upton-MC, Rodger Lizaola-5th, Graham Kay 4th, Dave Merheje-3rd, Trenton Davis-2nd, Zoltan Kaszas-1st)

Recap now added!The Seattle International Comedy Competition has been coming to the Vashon Theater on Vashon for ten years now.  The reason is simple…we’re welcomed by one of the best audiences that we perform for each year–totally worth the stress of catching a ferry on the day before Thanksgiving, doing a show in a movie theater for an audience that always seems to include some kids sitting in the front row and then rushing to catch the outgoing ferry.

And, after this year’s show, we’re definitely going to be coming back!  The second night of Finals Week for the 34th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition seemed to us to be the biggest crowd we’ve ever had for a show at the Vashon Theater.  Also, they’ve made some improvements to the venue–a much larger stage, better sound and lights–to make the venue more than just a great, local movie house.

It was wonderful.  And I hope the audience felt as strongly about the show we were presenting to them as we think about it–because it sure seemed like a great audience was enjoying all five of our finalists–from Trenton Davis, who went up first, all the way through to Graham Kay, who finished up the competitive part of the show.

Of course, the audience is one thing…but we depend on our judges’ scores to give us a sense of which performers they thought were very good and which performers were excellent. Our panel of five judges on this night seemed to be split on Night One’s winner, Dave Merheje–one judge had him last, one judge had him second to last and three judges had him as their top comic of the night.  This is why he took fifth place for the night.

Other comics received more consistent scores…leading to the night’s order of finish:

SICC-34: Finals Week-Night Two Results
1-  Zoltan Kaszas (San Marcos, CA)
2-  Trenton Davis (Chicago, IL)
3-  Dave Merheje (Toronto, ON)
4- Graham Kay (Toronto, ON)
5- Rodger Lizaola (Seattle, WA)

With three shows left–Friday night at the Kirkland Performance Center, Saturday night at the Admiral Theater in Bremerton and Sunday night, the final night of this year’s competition, at the Comedy Underground in Seattle’s Pioneer Square–this is still anyone’s competition to win.  The scores are simply too close to call at this stage and any of these performers is capable of reeling off three great shows in a row.

Should be an exciting race to the finish to see who gets crowned as this year’s Seattle International Comedy Competition champion!

…but, on Thursday, we definitely gave thanks to everyone at the Vashon Theater for having given us a wonderful Wednesday night.

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