SICC-33: With 100% of the votes counted, we are able to project a winner…for last night’s show.

While Americans were carefully watching election returns, the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition welcomed sixteen more comedians to start their journey towards determining which five of their number will move on to the Semi-Finals from this second Preliminary Week with the first show of that week, at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.

Once again, we had our esteemed industry judges acting as OUR electoral college on this night, having previously voiced their opinion on the seventeen comedians in Preliminary Week One.  On this night, they had many different candidates to choose from.  Some had a plan for success that was based on smart material or musical-comedy skills.  Others put their focus on energy concerns–with some in favor of high energy explorations while there were those who proposed a more medium level of energy conservation.

(Are we still talking about a comedy show here?  Indeed, we are.)

This was the first night that these comedians saw the performances of their fellow competitors–and to do so with the added pressure of trying to impress the industry judges must have made things very tense for them…but, to our performers’ credit, they delivered a show that was funny from beginning to end.  So, by that measure, everyone won.

While Portland’s Shane Torres, San Francisco’s David Gborie and Ria Lina from London, England were right on the doorstep of making the Top 5 for the night…they couldn’t quite crack it.  Let’s take a look at those who managed to…

Preliminary Week Two-Night One  Nightly Top 5

1)  Ryan Clauson (Hanover, NH)
2)  Solomon Georgio (Los Angeles, CA/Seattle, WA)
3)  Tyrone Hawkins (Tacoma, WA)
4)  Barbara Holm (Seattle, WA)
5)  Landry (Atlanta, GA/Toronto, ON)

So, congratulations to all of them…but the results of this particular election has only one true result, for all sixteen of our Preliminary Week Two participants:  FIVE MORE SHOWS!

Preliminary Week Two-Night Two (8pm)
Parlor Live, Bellevue

This is our first time that we’ve brought the competition to this Bellevue club–located on the third floor of Lincoln Square.  We’re hoping for a great crowd at the Parlor to cheer on this excellent group of performers!

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