SICC-33: Today We Give Thanks For Vashon Last Night

Yes, we’ve been asked why before.  Why do we schedule ourselves to have to take a ferry on the eve of a major holiday to go do a show on Vashon Island?  The answer is, of course, because the audiences there are always great…and it’s totally worth it.

That was certainly true for us this year–as we brought our finalists over to Vashon Island on the night before Thanksgiving for Night Two of the Finals Week of the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition.

Well, we brought four of the five of our finalists.  Unfortunately, Elliot Maxx did not make the trip and will have to take this night as his “drop score”–as every finalist will drop their lowest nightly score of the week…and, since he didn’t perform, Elliot’s score for this night will be a 0.00…and will automatically be his lowest score for the week.

A real shame, too, because everyone who has seen Elliot during the course of this competition recognized that he would have done very well for the nearly full house we had at the Vashon Theatre.  Without Elliot, the comedy fans on Vashon Island simply had to share their love for the four performers who did make the trip…and with our special guest host on this night:  our 6th place finisher for this year, Ricarlo Flanagan from Detroit.

Ricarlo did a great job and even the judges noted that they wish they could have given him good scores.  He kept the show moving (he had to…the Vashon Theater had one more showing of “Life of Pi”-3D to offer after our comedy show was done) and was just as funny as he’d shown himself to be while he was competing in this year’s event.

Our four finalists all came out swinging–gone, for the most part, was any tentativeness lingering from the previous show.  Each performer now knew what they could do with fifteen to twenty minutes…and each performer on this night built on that with lots of very specific local references–which drew the audience in even more as the show went on.

If the audience seemed to like everyone, how would our judges see things?  Well, here’s the official order of finish for the night:

Finals Week-Night Two Nightly Top 5…errr, Top 4, I guess…

  1. Joe Klocek (San Francisco, CA)
  2. Landry (Atlanta, GA/Toronto, ON) 
  3. Michael Malone (Los Angeles, CA) 
  4. Tyrone Hawkins (Tacoma, WA) 

…and that order of finish is a little odd, because it ended up being exactly opposite of the order of performance (Tyrone went up first, followed by Michael, then Landry and then Joe.)  However, taking a peek at the actual scores for this night suggests that there was really a three way tie for first place…as Joe, Landry and Michael all come out of the night with nearly identical scores.  (Tyrone, in 4th place, takes away a very respectable score that marries up well with his Night One victory.)

…but, nearly identical is not the same as identical, so let’s give Joe Klocek his props as the winner of Night Two!

SICC-33 Finals Week-Night Two Winner:  Joe Klocek

L-R: Joe Klocek (SICC-33 Finals Week-Night Two Winner) and Ricarlo Flanagan (host)

All of us involved with the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ll be back with the last three shows of this year’s event starting Friday with a 7:30pm show at the Kirkland Performance Center, an 8pm show on Saturday at the Admiral Theatre in Bremerton and the final night of the finals week on Sunday at the Comedy Underground in Seattle when a new champion will be crowned!

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