SICC-33: There are eight million stories in the Naked City…and almost as many in the top 5.

The Naked City Brewery & Taphouse in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood proved a wonderful host for the opening night of the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition. Seventeen competitors from all over North America (even Ballard!) came together to perform for a near-sell-out crowd at this comfortable new venue for the competition. For most of these performers, this will be their first time through the Seattle International Comedy Competition wringer…but, for others (including two time SICC-Champion Elliot Maxx) it was another trip into the madness.

The audience was thoroughly entertained as every comedian held their interest all the way until the top five for the night were announced. And, on this night, the judges rewarded everyone with good scores–making things a little crowded in the standings, especially towards the top…and that Top Five For the Night suddenly became a Top Eight For the Night.

Luckily, the stage at Naked City could hold all that talent!

Here’s the Top 5 (+3) for Preliminary Week One-Show One:

1)–TIE Nate Abshire (Minneapolis, MN) and Michael Malone (Los Angeles, CA)
2) Elliot Maxx (Ballard, WA)
3)–TIE Ricarlo Flanagan (Detroit, MI), Justin Leon (Kansas City, MO) and Jeremy Whitman (Tacoma, WA)
4) Brian Boshes (Seattle, WA)
5) Nigel Larson (Tacoma, WA/Rochester, NY)

…and so, we’re off on this great adventure that we call the Seattle International Comedy Competition. This group of seventeen comedians have five more shows to earn good scores…and the top five for the week will move on to the Semi-Finals (joining the top five from next week.)

Unless there’s ties. Please, don’t let there be ties in the weekly top five.

Preliminary Week One-Show Two

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