SICC-33: Now We’re Up In the Big Leagues, Getting Our Turn At Bat

Well, we’re movin’ on up…to the Eastside…
To that deluxe comedy club, upscale pool hall, martini bar, ultra-lounge…in the sky…

Dry cleaning magnates we may not be, but we did in fact head over to the Eastside for the first of three trips we’ll be making there during this year’s Seattle International Comedy Competition.  And we made our first EVER trip to the third floor of Lincoln Square in Bellevue where we were joined by a great audience at Parlor-Live.  The sixteen performers in Preliminary Week Two were well-impressed by the club–hopefully, the club’s patrons were well-impressed by the performers the competition presented to them.

They certainly seemed to be impressed–as the audience howled, doubled over and OMG’d their way through the entire show…and a “Good Times” were had by all.

Heh…Good Times, Jeffersons…  Oh, I kill me.

How about talking about which performers stood out?  Sure!

Narrowly missing out on making the Nightly Top 5 were San Francisco’s Joe Klocek and Dallas’ Paul Varghese–they tied each other for 6th Place!  Also doing well on this night were Cory Michaelis, Leah Mansfield, Shane Torres and Alex Falcone.

Those who did the best made the Nightly Top 5, which looked like this:

SICC-33 Preliminary Week Two-Show Two Top 5

L-R: Landry (1st), Ryan Clauson (2nd), Tyrone Hawkins (3rd), Xung Lam (host), Ria Lina (4th), Solomon Georgio (5th)

Preliminary Week Two-Night One  Nightly Top 5

1)  Landry (Atlanta, GA/Toronto, ON)
2)  Ryan Clauson (Hanover, NH)
3)  Tyrone Hawkins (Tacoma, WA)
4)  Ria Lina (London, UK)
5)  Solomon Georgio (Los Angeles, CA/Seattle, WA)

So, congratulations to all of them…but the results of this particular election has only one true result, for all sixteen of our Preliminary Week Two participants:  FIVE MORE SHOWS!

THURSDAY NIGHT  November 8th
Preliminary Week Two-Night Three (8:30pm)
Market Theater, Seattle

Another debut venue for the competition–just look for the gum wall down Post Alley, that’s where we’ll be.  Downtown Seattle, represent!

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