SICC-33: Industry need not wish…there’s talent here in the Pacific Northwest.

The sixth and final show in Preliminary Week One of the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition brings us all home to the Comedy Underground, Seattle…where the faces of previous competition winners adorn the walls…and the actual presence of previous competition winners (like Darryl Lenox and Kermet Apio) is always a welcome surprise.

The seventeen comedians in this week have proven themselves in facing various challenges.  From a casual taphouse on night one to a bachelorette party dominated late show in Tacoma–their mettle has been tested and their skills are undoubted.  On this night, we put them in front of some important members of the industry–representing agencies, companies and conglomerates that they all will hope to work for some day.  Their fate–and the opportunity to move on in this competition–is in the hands of those industry members.

Who did they favor?  Well, they definitely showed some love to the performers from the Pacific Northwest–as Nigel Larson (from Tacoma), Brian Boshes (from Seattle) and Michelle Shaughnessy (from Vancouver BC) all found themselves back in the nightly top 5. They also liked Michael Malone, who started the week with three straight top finishes.  However, their biggest love went to the biggest presence in this week…the only performer to have made every single nightly top 5.

The industry gave Ricarlo Flanagan his first nightly win of the week–a well-deserved honor to cap off a great run this week.

Here’s how that Nightly Top 5 came together…

Preliminary Week One-Show Six Nightly Top Five

1)  Ricarlo Flanagan (Detroit, MI)
2)  Michelle Shaughnessy (Vancouver, BC)

3)  Brian Boshes (Seattle, WA)
4)  Michael Malone (Los Angeles, CA)
5)  Nigel Larson (Tacoma, WA/Rochester, NY)

And with those numbers, we would normally learn who would be moving on to the Semi-Finals.  Here’s what the math told us the top 5 would be:

Preliminary Week One:  Weekly Top 5

1)  Michael Malone (Los Angeles, CA)
2)  Ricarlo Flanagan (Detroit, MI)
3)  Justin Leon (Kansas City, MO)
4)  Elliot Maxx (Ballard, WA)
5)  Nathan Brannon (Portland, OR)

…BUT…what is life without a little unexpected drama?

It turns out that Nathan Brannon, not showing the type of confidence that he shows on stage, had already booked himself for a weekend during the Semi-Finals–a booking that he can’t get out of…  So, Nathan has had to step aside…and that leaves room for the 6th place finisher.  The blessings of good fortune have now shined on Minneapolis’ Nate Abshire (who had only finished a few tenths of a point behind Nathan Brannon…and will be a worthy Semi-Finalist.)

SO…here now is a list of who IS moving on to the Semi-Finals:

Semi-Finalists from Preliminary Week One of the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition:

Nate Abshire (Minneapolis)
Ricarlo Flanagan (Detroit)
Justin Leon (Kansas City)
Michael Malone (Los Angeles)
Elliot Maxx (Ballard)

Their competition adventure continues on Tuesday November 13th.  They will be joined by the Top 5 finishers from Preliminary Week Two, which begins TONIGHT, in front of our esteemed industry judges, at the Comedy Underground, Seattle at 8pm.

A fresh group of sixteen comedians will start their six show schedule, hoping to earn scores and impress others, tonight–and tickets are still available.  The election night coverage will still be going on long after our show…so, get off your couch and come down to the Comedy Underground tonight for this exciting show!

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