SICC-33: Certainly Glad To Go Back To Kirkland

The third night of the final week of the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition brought us back to Kirkland, Washington–and back, after a year’s absence, to the beautiful Kirkland Performance Center…a venue particularly favored by Producer Ron Reid.  And it’s obvious why he (and all of us) like bringing the competition to the Kirkland Performance Center–it is a big theater that feels like a far more intimate venue–as the audience is right there, raking up from where the performers are.

And, based on the fact that we were greeted with an enthusiastic, sold-out audience, primed for a great night of comedy–who all came out to see the show despite a drenching November rain–I get the feeling that they were glad we’d come back to the KPC too!

And…speaking of “being back”–we had both host Drew Barth and finalist Elliot Maxx back with us for this show after each had been unavailable for Night Two of the finals at the Vashon Theatre.

I think all of our finalists benefited from having Thanksgiving day to collect their thoughts, regather their strength and tweak their efforts a bit–as all five of our performers came out firing on all cylinders…with Joe Klocek opening the show off with another solid performance, Michael Malone–who has been fighting off a cold all week–came out with tons of energy and audience rapport–followed strongly…and then Landry built on that energy with his own fine work.  After an intermission, Tyrone Hawkins delivered his strongest and most cohesive set of the finals only to have Elliot Maxx close things out with smiles and songs.

It was a great night of comedy…and that should be enough.  However, this is a competition and we need numbers and rankings and all that stuff.

Finals Week-Night Three Nightly Top 5

  1. Michael Malone (Los Angeles, CA)  
  2. Tyrone Hawkins (Tacoma, WA)  
  3. Landry (Atlanta, GA/Toronto, ON) 
  4. Elliot Maxx (Ballard, WA) 
  5. Joe Klocek (San Francisco, CA)

There were some surprised with the results–perhaps none more surprised than nightly winner, Michael Malone.  He thought that either Joe (who fell victim to the “Go Up First Curse”) or Tyrone would add a second nightly win in this finals week…rather than his getting his first first place nightly finish in the finals.

Let’s give Michael some photographic props here…

SICC-33 Finals Week--Night Three Nightly Winner

L-R: Michael Malone (SICC-33 Finals Week-Night Three Winner) and Drew Barth (host)

As you can imagine, the scores are quite close–as there’s been someone different in first place…and someone different in last place every night of the finals so far.  There are two shows to go–two shows to grab big scores…two shows to try to avoid the Go Up First Curse…two shows before we find out who the champion of the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition will be.

SICC-33 Finals Week–Night Four
SATURDAY–November 24, 2012
Admiral Theatre, Bremerton
Showtime:  8pm

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