SICC-33: Semi-Finals Opening Night

779 comedians were considered for this year’s 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition.  We chose 33 to participate–and boy, did they participate!  Excellent work done by our entire roster this year.  Unfortunately, not everyone can move on to the Semi-Finals…so 23 of our roster are now done with this year’s event.

Ten remain.  The ten semi-finalists performed, as a group, for the first time on Tuesday night at the legendary Comedy Underground in Seattle’s Pioneer Square for the first of five shows in this Semi-Finals Week.  Their set times have stretched from five minutes to ten minutes.  They need to earn scores that put them into the Top 5 for the week in order to make it to the Finals…and possibly become this year’s champion!

An enthusiastic crowd greeted our performers (as well as our Producer, Ron Reid and our host for this week, former Seattle International Comedy Competition finalist, Drew Barth) and all of our ten performers on this show earned their “tremendously obvious encore points.”  However, our panel of judges on this night felt that two performers were heads and shoulders above the others–as they basically put Landry and Solomon Georgio into a virtual tie for first place on the first night honors.  (Only a half a point on one judge’s scoresheet separated them!)

The judges seemed to vary on their personal opinions on the rest of the field, with the same performers getting good from some judges and very good scores from other judges–which lead to very close scores for them all on this night.  (Including a tie for 6th place with Ryan Clauson and Michael Malone.)

There are four other shows in this week–but this was the only “club” show this group of performers will have…  The next two shows are in large theaters and the final two shows are in big casino showrooms.  It will be interesting to see how everything shakes out from here on in…

But, on THIS night for THESE judges in THAT room…here’s who made the podium…

Semi-Finals Week-Night One  Nightly Top 5

SICC-33 Semi-Finals Week--Night One Nightly Top 5

L-R: Justin Leon (4th), Nate Abshire (3rd), Drew Barth (host), Solomon Georgio (2nd), Landry (1st), Elliot Maxx (5th)

1)  Landry (Atlanta, GA/Toronto, ON)
2)  Solomon Georgio
(Los Angeles, CA/Seattle, WA)
3)  Nate Abshire (Minneapolis, MN)
4)  Justin Leon (Kansas City, MO)
5)  Elliot Maxx (Ballard, WA)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT  November 14th
Semi-Finals Week-Night Two (7:30pm)
Edmonds Center for the Arts, Edmonds

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