SICC-33: A Comedy Show Worth Staying Awake For (Unless You’re Jerry)

SICC-33 Preliminary Week Two-Night Four Nightly Top 5

L-R: Landry (4th), Paul Varghese (5th), Tyrone Hawkins (1st), Xung Lam (host), Shane Torres (3rd), Ryan Clauson (2nd)

The fourth show of Preliminary Week Two of the 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition brought us back to the beautiful Auburn Ave Theater, where a packed house full of comedy fans greeted our sixteen comedians with love laughter and support.

Keeping our performers on their toes on this night were the TV Clean restrictions–and, as it so often does, it brought out some of the best performances of the week.  There’s something to be said for paying very close attention to what you’re doing and trying to build a set that reaches the widest audience possible.  (Of course, as a comedy fan, there’s ALSO something to be said about throwing all conventions aside and expressing one with total freedom–and this competition gives everyone the challenge to do things both ways.)

Shane Torres had his best finish of the week–making the Nightly Top 5 for the first time.

Certainly, Pedja Bajovic, Joe Klocek and Kevin Bartini also enjoyed their best audience responses yet this week…although Kevin had quite an adventure with his set.  Kevin was accidentally announced slightly out of order–but he didn’t let that bother him.  Kevin also noticed that there was a man in the front row who was sleeping during the show.  (At least, he HOPED he was sleeping…because he wasn’t moving at all.)

That turned out to be Jerry.

Earlier in the night, Ryan Clauson had jumped off the stage to touch Jerry’s mustache.(Why did he do that?  If you’ve seen Ryan before, you know that there’s very little point in wondering why…)  Jerry was awake at the mustache touching point of the show.  Perhaps Ryan’s incredible shakra powers had lulled him into a deep, restful sleep that even a rawkus, applause filled comedy show couldn’t shake him from…until Kevin’s set, at least.

The judges on this night were tough, but fair.  The performers they put in the Top 5 were definitely the crowd’s favorites as well.  (Not sure about Jerry, though.)  And they had Tacoma’s Tyrone Hawkins on top–giving him his first nightly win of the week!

Preliminary Week Two-Night Four  Nightly Top 5

1)  Tyrone Hawkins (Tacoma, WA)
2)  Ryan Clauson (Hanover, NH)
3)  Shane Torres (Portland, OR)
4)  Landry (Atlanta, GA/Toronto, ON)
5)  Paul Varghese (Dallas, TX)

…and narrowly missing out on the Top 5 were Ria Lina, Kevin Bartini, Leah Mansfield and Joe Klocek.

SATURDAY NIGHT  November 10th
Preliminary Week Two-Night Five (7:30pm)
Columbia Theatre, Longview

It’ll be a long drive on a cold night–but totally worth it to play the beautifully restored Columbia Theatre!  This is going to be an important night, with so many performers in position to make their claim on one of the five spots for the week that will move on to the Semi-Finals!

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