SICC-32: Night Two Hits the Spot!

What better way to follow an unexpectedly beautiful Pacific Northwest day (seriously…downpours on Wednesday, beautiful and clear on Thursday–it’s WEATHER WHIPLASH!) than with an excellent comedy show in one of our favorite venues?

Night Two of Preliminary Week One of the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition will be our only trip to the Eastside this year and Kirkland responded by filling up the seats of Laughs Comedy Spot.  (Thanks to Dave Dennison and the staff of Laughs for taking very good care of us!)

Now, the Eastside has a reputation for being a little tight with their laughter and sensitive about certain topics–and that definitely seemed the case early on.  Last night’s top finisher, Jono Zalay, was up first on the night…and the performance that caught fire last night never quite seemed to ignite with this crowd, starting off the night.  And Adam Cozens, who followed, became the first performer this year not to receive the “tremendously obvious encore point”–which gave Adam a new two-word mantra for the night:  “drop score.”

David Tveite seemed to walk right into the storm with his first joke, but eventually won the crowd over with solid writing and a no-apologies attitude…and from that point on, the show was “on”.   (Maybe the Eastside just need a few drinks in ‘em to loosen ‘em up–and Laughs was happy to provide.)  Despite being a rather long show, the crowd seemed to enjoy the performers more and more as the show went on…and the last two performers of the night took the top two spots.

The Pacific Northwest was well represented with podium finishes on this night.  Top Honors went to John Beuhler from Vancouver BC and three Seattle performers also made the Top 5:  Rylee Newton, Manny Martin and…COME ON…Rodney Sherwood!  Joining them in the Top 5 was New York’s Mark Normand–making Mark, along with John, the only people to repeat their Top 5 finish from Night One.

Here’s that Top 5:

  1. John Beuhler (Vancouver)
  2. Rylee Newton (Seattle)
  3. Manny Martin (Seattle)
  4. Mark Normand (New York)
  5. Rodney Sherwood (Seattle)

Just missing out on the podium, and tied for 6th place on the night, were Sam Demaris and Patrick Keane.

Four more opportunities for these comedians to get the best scores they can–only the top five will move on to the Semi-Finals.  Preliminary Week One-Night Three takes place tonight, November 4th, at the Auburn Ave Theater in Auburn…and, to make things challenging to the performers and pleasant for the audience, tonight’s show will be run with TV Clean restrictions!

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