SICC-32: Finals Week-Night Three Brings Baldwin Back To Bellingham for Another Nightly Win

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Full on left-overs or not, the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition continued its inexorable drive towards the finish line and the crowning of a new champion.

Night Three of Finals Week brought us back up to Bellingham for our third competition show there this year–the first time in my memory that we were able to bring our finals week show there.  This Friday night show would take place in the Walton Theater at the Mt Baker Theatre–which played a comfortable and intimate host to our five candidates.

I wouldn’t be surprised, if Bellingham enjoyed last night’s show as much as it sounded like they did, if we don’t eventually move into the mainstage at the Mt Baker Theatre one of these years–that is one gorgeously ornate 1500+ seat theater that would be an amazing place to perform comedy in…  BUT, as it was, we had standing room only in the smaller Walton Theater–and, as I said, it certainly sounded throughout the night that everyone there that night truly enjoyed the show.

With a day off to think about things, some of our brave finalists chose to make some changes to their sets–minor tweaks for some, serious reorganization for others.  Everyone is trying to find the perfect combination to get them the scores that they need to stake their claim on the championship.

Our host for this show was Don Frost–a name you might remember from his having been a contestant in this year’s competition.  Evidently Don had done such a wonderful job hosting a show in Medford, Oregon for the San Francisco Comedy Competition that Executive Producer Jonathan Fox snagged him to do this show in Bellingham and the Saturday night show in Bremerton.

Once again, everyone had strong sets on this night–including Mrs Hughes, who went up first on this night.  Rick Kunkler, the Night Two nightly winner, went up second–and, despite having an excellent set, came up just a little short on this night…literally.  He incurred a time penalty when not making it to the minimum amount of time for a finals length set–a penalty that dropped him two spots in the nightly order of finish.  Rodney Sherwood went up third and delivered another uality effort–taking full advantage of the close proximity of the performers.

Patrick Keane had his strongest set of the week going up fourth, and it looked like it might be possible that Patrick would earn his first nightly win since his Preliminary Week on this night.  It looked that way until Mike Baldwin went up to close out the show.  Mike made some changes, added some material, moved other material around–but the result was the same, in that the audience and (this time) the judges truly responded to what he did.

Here, then, is the order of finish for Finals Week-Night Three of the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition, from the Mt Tabor Theatre in Bellingham.

  1. Mike Baldwin (Kansas City)
  2. Patrick Keane (Los Angeles)
  3. Rodney Sherwood (Seattle)
  4. Mrs Hughes (Pismo Beach)
  5. Rick Kunkler (Seattle/Los Angeles)

The scores for the week, which will determine this year’s winner, are very close at this point–just over one point separating first from last place.  There are two shows left in this year’s competition…Saturday night at the Admiral Theatre in Bremerton and the finale on Sunday at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.  With as close as the weekly standings are, whoever wins this thing is going to need good scores on both nights to seal things up.

At this point–everyone is still very much in it!

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