SICC 32: A Quaint Night Two in Port Townsend, More and Less

Mark and the staff of the Upstage Bistro in Port Townsend have always done their best to make us feel welcome when we bring the Seattle International Comedy Competition to their venue and to their town.  They did so again on this crisp November evening, which sent our sixteen brave competitors across a ferry, over the bridge and through the woods for Preliminary Week Two-Night Two of the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition.

Our host, Ralph Porter, nailed it when he described things as “quaint.”  The town, the venue, the crowd…”quaint”.  And the sixteen comedians competing in Preliminary Week Two adjusted well to the more intimate situation–and all present for the show said it was the best competition show that we’ve ever brought to Port Townsend.  It’s a quaint thought, but who am I to argue with them?

The judges were as impressed as the audience was with the overall quality of the performers–which lead to there being a couple of ties in the podium finish.  That’s usually a fun moment as the Top 5 becomes a Top 6 (or more)–but, so many of our performers had to race out to try to catch a ferry back to the Seattle metro area that only three of tonight’s SEVEN Top 5 finishers (sorry–my brain just exploded after having had to type that mathematically unreasonable phrase) were actually there to soak in the love and admiration at the end of the night.  So there were more…and less.

The Top 5 (or 7) for Preliminary Week Two-Night Two at The Upstage Bistro, Port Townsend:

  • 1)  Mike Baldwin (Kansas City)
  • 2)  Will Weldon (Los Angeles)
  • 3)–TIE:  Mrs Hughes (Pismo Beach)
  • 3)–TIE:  Emmett Montgomery (Seattle)
  • 4)–TIE:  Rick Kunkler (Seattle/Los Angeles)
  • 4)–TIE:  Xung Lam (Seattle)
  • 5)  Eric Krug (Austin)

Thursday Night brings the competition back to the Auburn Ave Theater, where this group of comedians get to take their bite of the TV Clean Night apple.  Who will be able to translate their act properly despite the restrictions on language, physicality and topics?  We’ll find out after Preliminary Week Two-Night Three!

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