SICC-32: Everywhere You Look, There Was a Full House In Tacoma For Night Five

After three nights in a row in front of the more, shall we say, “mature” audiences found in Port Townsend, Auburn and on Whidbey Island, the comedians of Preliminary Week Two of the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition were welcomed by a full house at the Comedy Underground in Tacoma.  And comedy club audiences, for the most part, aren’t nearly as “mature” as audiences elsewhere.

This is Night Five…the second to last night.  The second to last chance to get a score that could help get you into the top 5 for the week–and the ticket to the Semi-Finals that comes with it.  Getting to perform in front of a hot crowd on a Saturday night would certainly seem to give everyone the best chance to do that.

Rick Kunkler certainly seized the opportunity–blazing away with a hot set out of the second spot of the night…and on his birthday, no less!   Mike Baldwin, then, followed him with another excellent set of his own.

Mike Cummings, who was unable to perform on Night Four due to medical concerns, came back super strong here on Night Five with his best set of the week, so far.  He was followed by Xung Lam, Mrs Hughes and Eric Krug who all rocked the house.

And closing the night, Blake Wexler had an excellent set…followed by Heather Thomson, who took that energy and exploded…crushing any concerns that the crowd would have been tired at the end of such a long show.

In the end, the Top 5 on this night was filled with mostly familiar faces…and Mike Cummings, who makes his first appearance in the end-of-the-night photograph.

Here then is the Top 5 from Preliminary Week Two-Night Five at the Comedy Underground, Tacoma:

  1. Eric Krug (Austin)
  2. Rick Kunkler (Seattle/Los Angeles)
  3. Heather Thomson (Los Angeles)
  4. Mike Cummings (Seattle)
  5. Mike Baldwin (Kansas City)

There is only one show left for this week.  Sunday Night at The Underground Nightclub in Bellingham.  Of these sixteen comedians, five will move on to the Semi-Finals to join Sam Demaris, Patrick Keane, Mark Normand, Rodney Sherwood and John Beuhler from Preliminary Week One.  Who will it be?  We’ll find out after what is likely to be a wild and woolly night in B’ham…

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