Announcing Preliminary Round Two

Round Two of the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition kicks off Tuesday, November 8 at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.

In Round Two 16 different comedians compete over six days at a variety of venues around Western Washington. The top five comedians advance to the Semi-Finals to compete with the top five comics from Round One.

Competitors in Preliminary Round Two include:

  1. Mike Baldwin – Kansas City
  2. Shanti Charan – Union City
  3. Mike Cummings – Seattle
  4. Brett Hamil – Seattle
  5. Mrs Hughes – Pismo Beach
  6. Eric Krug – Austin
  7. Rick Kunkler – Los Angees
  8. Xung Lam – Seattle
  9. Seth Lazear – Seattle
  10. Emmett Montgomery – Seattle
  11. Scott Moran – New York
  12. Adam Pateman – Vancouver
  13. Heather Thomson – Los Angeles
  14. Carlos Valencia – Atlanta
  15. Will Weldon – Los Angeles
  16. Blake Wexler – Philadelphia

Check back for nightly updates.

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