Michael Davis

Michael Davis (San Francisco, CA)
BIO: In 1979, Michael Davis was in the SF Stand-Up Competition, finishing 2nd; higher than Dana Carvey, Michael Winsow and A. Whitney Brown, but lower than Marsha Warfield. He was famous nationally for about a year in 1981 when he appeared as a guest comedian/juggler/vaudevillian on Saturday Night Live 5 times. Eddie Murphy was the big star at that time. He rarely performs on stage without juggling. He performed the role he created, “Chef Tad Overdone” for Teatro Zinzanni for 7 years without missing a show.
“In 1966, I was 13 and my Dad took me to a place in the North Beach area of San Francisco called Coffee and Confusion and I saw my first comedian. In Steve Martin’s autobiography he mentions performing at Coffee and Confusion that year. In 1973, I went to the Boarding House in San Francisco to see U. Utah Philips. Steve Martin was the opening act. I spoke with him. In 1977, I was the janitor at the Boarding House and Steve Martin recorded his first album there. I cleaned his dressing room. Later we were both on Saturday Night Live.”
WEBSITE: michaeldavisentertainment.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/aclown
TWITTER: @reallymichael

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