Laura Hayden

Laura Hayden (Hermosa Beach, CA)
BIO: Laura is like radioactive plutonium, calm exterior but explosive!  Laura recently appeared on “Stand Up In Stilettos” for TV Guide Network. In addition to numerous other radio, TV and podcasts appearances worldwide in August, she returned to Scotland for the 4th year in a row to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her solo show “I Didn’t Mean to be a Virgin in the 80s” has been a hit with everyone lucky enough to see it. In July, completed a three week Middle East military for Don Barnhart’s Comedy All Stars. And last February she embarked on a month long comedy tour throughout the UK. Laura is currently working on a book, turning her dissertation (yes officially she is Dr. Laura, but not THAT Dr. Laura) into a speaker’s platform to help heal a world so in need of levity. Laugh more! Doctor’s orders!
TWITTER: @laurahaydenfun

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