Danielle Radford

Danielle Radford (Seattle, WA)
BIO: Danielle Radford was an honor student, so the fact that she didn’t finish college, doesn’t have a driver’s license and can’t hold down a job is just as much of a surprise to her as it is for everyone else. Radford is an adept storyteller who is naturally uninhibited and easily distracted. Her relaxed approach to comedy has been a hit with audiences throughout the United States. She has featured for Dave Chappelle at the Moore Theater in Seattle, along with performing at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, the San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival, the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.
WEBSITE: danielle-radford.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/danielleradford
TWITTER: @danielleradford

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