How to Apply

Although we will consider an application from professional comics at anytime, applications run from June 1 through September 1. Here are some eligibility requirements:

1)  Are you eligible?

  • Are you at least 21 years of age?
  • Were you NOT in last year’s competition?

If you can answer “yes” to those questions, you are eligible to apply. Above and beyond being simply “eligible”, this competition is looking for active and compelling stand-up comedy talent.  This is not the competition for the “absolute beginner.”

2)  Is it time to apply?

  • The application process runs from June 1st through September 1st.
  • Any applications received after September 1st may not receive full consideration, depending on how far along we are in the roster selection process.

3)  What do I need to include in my application?

  • Basic information: Your name, your age, your location, your phone number and your email address.  If you’re on Facebook and/or Twitter, add that information too!
  • A brief biography describing your comedy experience.  Don’t overthink this!  Just give us the basics:  how long you’ve been performing comedy, where you perform, what some of your comedy career highlights have been.  You can skip the fluff and the promotional boilerplate.  It is meant for us to know more about you and your experience as we consider your candidacy–it is not for public consumption.  
  • A link to an on-line hosted video of you performing comedy

NOTE:     Recommendations or references from other comedians or bookers are nice but they are optional.  IF you include them, make certain your references know that you’ve used them as references.

Your video should show you doing what you do best. We recommend clips that are approximately ten minutes long of you performing stand-up comedy for an audience, unedited (as this is not a competition for video editors).

We will consider videos shorter or longer than our recommended ten minutes.  Just know that very short videos might not show us what you could actually do in the competition. And if you submit your entire two hour long theater headline set, know that we’ll watch about ten minutes of it. won’t be watched in their entirety.

It is very important that you can both be seen and heard clearly on your video.

4)  How do I get my application to you?

You can choose the form at the bottom of this page. You can also email your application directly to the Director of Talent, Peter Greyy.  His email is:

Please make it clear that this is your application to the Seattle International Comedy Competition in the title/subject line of your email.

Seattle International Comedy Competition Application Form

*(denotes required field)

Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an application fee?
    Not to apply for the 2013 event, but in the future, there may be.
  • Why do you need to be 21 years of age?
    Some shows are held in casinos that deny entry to those under 21, even performers.
  • Can I audition in person, instead of applying with a video?
    Performers based in the Pacific Northwest will be given the opportunity to participate in a series of regional showcase events without having to go through the application process. Space on these showcase events is limited and by invitation only. These showcases are meant to supplement our awareness of what these local and regional performers have been doing–they are not for out-of-the-area performers who might happen to be in town.  Local and regional performers can either apply with video or request to be included on one of these showcase events by emailing with “Interested in Seattle Competition Showcase” in the subject line.
  • What are my chances of being selected?
    In most years, thirty-two comedians will compete in the competition. Last year, we had over 800 entrants.
  • When will I know if I’ve been selected or rejected?
    The roster selection discussions go on throughout the process, but when all applications are in and all of the showcase events have been held, then decisions are made. We make it a point to let everyone know as soon as possible if they were definitely in, definitely out or still be considered–as we know that holding calendar dates for is a hardship for any working comedian.
  • What if I have other questions that aren’t answered here?
    Feel free to email Director of Talent, Peter Greyy ( ) with any questions you may have and he’ll do his best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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