Kristine Levine


Kristine Levine is a blonde, tattooed, proudly overweight single mother who raised three kids while working as a porn clerk in Portland, OR.

As a comedian, her refreshing candor and unflinching, twisted perspectives on life, love and dysfunction have earned her a reputation as a biting, brutal cross between Lenny Bruce and Roseanne Barr. Kristine has seen – and done – it all and lived to tell the riotous tales.  Yet underneath her “shocking” exterior, Kristine is as genuine and disarming in real life as she is for a rollicking hour onstage.  Simultaneously empowering and endearing, she gleefully plunders uncharted stand-up territory as a sweetly ambivalent Every-Gal who women fear yet are inexplicably drawn to…and who men fear yet are inexplicably drawn to.!/KristineLevine

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