Carlos Valencia

carlos valenciaAtlanta

Ironically, Carlos Valencia’s first time on stage was at a competition where the prize was a week-long booking on a cruise ship. He lost categorically and he is still yet to set foot on a cruise ship, but six years later Valencia has performed in 30 states from Washington to Florida in comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, taverns, watering holes, speakeasys, roadhouses, bars (both In and On), punk rock clubs, country dance halls, metalhead dives, hip-hop joints, diners, bowling centers, back alleys, churches, bathhouses, and just about every nightmarish scenario a comedy booker can concoct.

Needless to say, Carlos drinks quite a bit. Based out of Atlanta, GA, for the past few years Carlos has been traveling around the United States on his solo “Countdown to Suicide” Comedy Tour, scheduled to end when the Prozac runs out, or his liver gives in.

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